Are you a homeschooling mom who wants to create a system for tracking the progress of your child?

Or, are you ANY kind of mom who wants to create a system for tracking the progress of your child?

Check out The Homeschool System I created to keep track of the 3 businesses I was running along with homeschooling my two kids. Just watch the video to see what it’s all about.

It saved my sanity. When people asked me how I was managing it all, I just pointed them to The Homeschool System. It worked for them as well.

Jumping into a brand new system can be extremely intimidating. Not just because it’s something new to learn but because the time & effort associated with the learning experience likely feels overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be!

None of us want to spend endless hours or days pulling out our hair as we try and put the pieces of the complete puzzle together ourselves.

This training is the perfect opportunity for you if you want to zone in on exactly what you need to know right now to navigate running a home based business and homeschool. It’s just five steps, plus a few bonuses.

Forget about the ‘fluff’. That’s not needed right now.

And that’s the exact intention of this training. We strip away the fluff and focus solely on the ‘need-to-know’.

You can learn the fancy, extra bits later. They will only derail you and you don’t have time or mental bandwidth for that right now.

In less than 60mins, this crash course will teach you exactly what you need to know in clear detail so you can get up & running with The Homeschool System today. Sounds perfect, right? That’s because it is!

There’s no need to spend any more time debating with yourself.

If you’ve read this far down, trust me…this IS the right fit for you!


To help support you even further, I’ve made this a ‘Pay-What-Feels-Good‘ offer for the foreseeable future. Each coupon code below will reduce the price of the product as noted.

I don’t want money to be the reason you choose to not take part in this training. So just pick the code that makes the purchase experience as comfortable for you as possible.

  • PAY15 – reduces price to $15
  • PAY10 – reduces price to $10
  • PAY5 – reduces price to $5
  • PAY0 – reduces price to $0

There will be zero judgement – only respect & gratitude for taking action! ? #promise

P.S. You can also join the Homeschool on Fire Facebook Group, and you can grab my book here for free.

Download my book Homeschool on Fire: Be the CEO of Your Business and Homeschool

Homeschool on Fire was written in 2015 at the request of my dear friend, Jason Hewlett. Jason is a Hall of Fame Speaker, mentor, and author, and inspired me to write the book by pacing my living room and sending me questions to expand my vision of the book.

He really taught me what a mentor should be, and continues to teach me. In fact, his book, The Promise, is coming out in 2020. It is the teachings of The Promise that keep me focused on doing what I am here on earth to do.

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