Navigating the ever-changing world of technology can feel frustrating for non-techies

Hi. I’m Heidi Totten.

Do any of the following questions feel true for you?

 Do you feel stuck and unclear of how to build and scale your business?

Does your website align with your purpose & mission?

Do you have a way to connect to your ideal client?

Do you procrastinate updating your online platforms?

If you answered yes, you are a Therapist, Healer, or Life Coach who knows that you would be able to help more people if your website design and tech strategy was set up to reach them.

You need the support of someone who understands your mission and purpose, AND has the mad skills to help you strategize, design and create a website that will support and expand your ability to help, without the “bang your head against the wall” tech headache…

People who have experienced trauma, don’t need your tech trauma! They just need your help, badly.

Consider me your Tech Healer. Let’s do this together.

Let’s Work Together

If you need a strategy session with 1:1 support for your website and online business, this is for you!

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The Balanced Stone

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The Sati Center

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Vibrant Strength

Moving Forward Solutions

Lark Dean Galley

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100 Humanitarians International

My Favorite Testimonials

Heidi is a linchpin. When my business is in need of a major overhaul there is only one person I call, and Heidi transforms my intentions into real progress. I am amazed by her capacity to clearly see my goals and then create of them something I can roll out to the world. Her intelligence is astounding, work ethic relentless, her mission to help serve the world by serving others creates exponential influence which few can claim. If you are a Speaker, entrepreneur, mission driven leader, Heidi needs to be on your team. Not only will she passionately lead you to new heights, her ideas, savvy, and continued education to further her assistance will transform your ideas into tangible results for a very reasonable price. Can’t recommend her enough as both a professional and amazing person. 

Jason Hewlett
CSP, CPAE | Speaker Hall of Fame

Working with Heidi has been life changing! And I say “life” changing because she has done so much more than help me grow my business. Her skills as a business coach and life coach have helped me create shifts in my personal life and mindset to build the kind of business I’ve always wanted, but never had the courage to execute! If I could sum up her superpowers into one statement it would be “She makes me believe that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

Millie Hull
CEO, Moms Need Carbs

Working with Heidi for the last few years has made a huge positive impact in my life. I began by participating in her Soul Seeds program and experienced some massive positive shifts in my relationships and finances during that time period. I am so grateful that taking care of myself daily with the methods Heidi taught me brought the results I didn’t know I needed. I then chose to learn her Simplify Your Social networking and business building courses, and was able to bring in hundreds of dollars of new business almost immediately after implementing what Heidi taught. As I continue to learn in the Tech Tribe, my business is growing and I am finally clear on the direction I need to go. Heidi has a way of helping you cut through the unnecessary time-wasting junk and really focus on the Income Producing Activities that bring success. I highly recommend working with Heidi to level up your personal life as well as your business. 

Kayleen Baguley Hallows
CEO, Kayleen’s Essentials


I’m more of an old school blogger, so you aren’t going to see a lot of junk here. I love talking about create an online business, but that includes the mindset and strategy that you need to get through the hard parts of running a business, too.

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